Movility Activities


Movility Spain

1 -The visit to the host school and the city, Each country has its own educational system and uses different teaching methods and ways to better raise children. In this way, we have had the opportunity to compare schools, exchange good practices and experience, make teaching more effective. In addition, we have made city tours and visits to historical places and natural beauties both in the Alpujarra region and in Granada and Malaga. the flamenco show and quartz bowls together with the concert of Christmas carols have been some of the cultural events we have attended.

2-Exploring the host kitchen, It is very important to know new cultures to break down prejudices and build a strong friendship. Culinary culture is essential. At Orgiva and Granada we have made sure that students taste the most typical of the area: crumbs and paella.
3- Let’s act Malala! Malala YUSUFZAİ has been an idol for all girls and showed the importance of education among girls with her fight at the risk of her life. Órgiva’s students have acted in a black light theatrical performance about the life of women’s rights activist Malala.
4- The students have made some very interesting presentations about each of their schools, from the educational system, infrastructure, duration of the academic year and proactive policies towards female students.
5- Orgiva has chosen a successful group of students from the last year of the institute, who have decided to study the technological option where they are in the minority. These students have made a very interesting talk, where they show the advantages of these studies and encourage their lower classmates to do them.
11.12.2019 (Wednesday)
8:30-10:20 – Arrive to school and go to class in english with their mates
9:00 – Teachers arrive to school. Headmaster’s welcome
11:00 – Town Mayor’s welcome. Tour of the Town Council, the local Library and the Church   and Route of the Centenary Olive trees.
14:30 -Students go with host families
18:30 – Concert  of  Tibetan Quartz Bowls. Just teachers.  It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes. No shoes are allowed during the concert. 
12.12.2019 (Thursday)
8:30 – Bus to Granada
9:20 -13:00 Tour of The Alhambra Palace and Generalife
13:30 Lunch in Carmen de San Miguel. 15 euros students and 20 euros teachers.
15:00 – Tour around the Albaicín with a  guide
19.00 – Flamenco Show in the Alborea. (admission 10 euros)
13.12.2019 (Friday)
8:30 – 10:20 International Secondary Schools presentation to parents, students and teachers. 3º ESO A,B,C, 4º A,B,C, ATAL and Malaka Plays
10:20- Teachers coordination meeting
10:20- Students go to class with their mates
17:00- Carol in Orgiva
14.12.2019 (Saturday)
09:00 –   Trip to Granada. Visit the Science Park, planetarium and Biodomo
15:00-    Tour by Granada  city center  
15.12.2019 (Sunday)
Orgiva/Granada. Students family day

9:00 – Bus to Granada (Just teachers)

eTwinning and Twinspace is the chosen platform on which we upload the works of the students and the members of the project communicate. Images and videos of mobility and activities have been uploaded to Twispace.

A project evaluation has also been created that is posted in the eTwinning space.
Students communicate through this platform and show and share the work they have done.
The participating students have been able to:
–  Apply multiple intelligences, use kinesthetic intelligence and transmit the project’s message through body language thanks to Malala’s performance in which they have imagined and written a play, designed costumes and sets, performed on stage and supported learning creative.
– They have learned or improved the use of Web 2 tools to make the presentations of their schools.
– They have learned the strength and importance of equality between girls and boys, and to build democracy and a humanistic school environment.
– They have followed a schedule, they have executed it and they have assumed responsibilities.
– They have discovered a new place, met people from different cultures, learned about them and have taken a step towards European citizenship.
– They have been involved in work in pairs and groups, they have created products and shared them.
– They have used the common foreign language «English» and improve the competence in the use of foreign languages. Some have also reinforced their knowledge of Spanish
– Italian students and teachers have created a survey of expectations prior to mobility that has been carried out between families and students
– Each participating school has produced a banner with the title of the project and participating official organizations. Every day we have taken several of these murals on our tours to record the type of activity we were developing

– The IES Alpujarra, has given each student and teacher participating in mobility, a participation diploma.


Movility Bulgaria

 With the activities that Bulgarian team prepared , described above, are palenned to find out the differences and similarities of countries in Gender Inequality. All teachers and students participated in a very active mood , in small group and bid groups as well and shared the cultural knowledge to each other.
Monday 8th November
1.Welcome to our school 12.00
2.School concert 12-14h
3.Lunch 14-15.30h in a restaurant
4.Free time
5.Dinner in the hotel -18h
Tuesday 9th November
1.Visiting ICT University. Welcome to American university in Bulgaria-10h
2.Lunch in a restaurant
3.Free time
4.Dinner in a restaurant-18h
Wednesday 10th November
1.9.00-a trip to Dobarsko and DolnoDraglishte-exploring traditional Bulgarian cusine and culture.
3.A meeting with famous Bulgarian singer
4.17.00-returning back to the hotel
Thursday 11th November
1.9.00 A trip to Sofia. Visiting the National History museum and the city center.
2.Returing back to the hotel -18h
3.Dinner in the hotel -19h
Friday 12th November
1.9.00h –Visiting the Rila monastery
3.14.00—16.00-meeting with a business woman ,project meeting
Free time
19.30- Goodbye Party
The participants benefitted from meeting foreign classmates, discussing the main topic and presenting the comics about Marie Curie and songs related to Gender Inequality in different countries. It was a voyage inside Bulgarian tradition, culture and a way of sharing friendship and knowledge. The pupils were enthusiastic about it and the teachers worked hard on the project.

Movility Program