Our inspector, Mrs. Encarnación Moreno Fernández, visits our Erasmus+ classroom to learn about the activities of the Gis Gender Inequality in School Project and is presented by the director, Mr. David López Rodríguez, with the gifts of the project. We appreciate the interest of our inspector for the work that students do within the framework of this financial project by the European Union and that allows us to connect with other centers and other realities working cooperatively in the European environment.

Publicación en FACEBOOK de la movilidad realizada entre el 7 y el 13 de Noviembre 2021 en Bulgaria.

The countries that participated in this wonderful project had the opportunity to be received by the Mayor’s Office of Orgiva where we had the opportunity to explain to the highest municipal authority what our project financed by the European Community within the framework of the Erasmus + program consists of. the luck of belonging to this program with countries that are so culturally rich and involved in cooperative work and with the philosophy of the European Union regarding education and the unity of differences. The mayor’s office supports our Gis Gender educational innovation project with its involvement and willingness

Erasmus plus  IES Alpujarra students visit Orgiva Town Hall and explain the Mayor the projects our school are involved.