General lines of the project

     Among students, girl students generally tend to avoid or grow hesitation towards scientific studies and STEM studies. The tendency towards girls are the same too.  The families, teachers or employers do not think or behave equally as they strongly believe that girls and boys have different roles in the society and the qualifications and jobs have genders. If we do not change our attitude and ignore the scientific developments, girl will face crucial problems of unemployments and excluding in working life.Seeing the hesitation and avoiding joining STEM or Robotic coding activities among girls or strong prejudices and dicrimination toward girls in using computer technology and applying it their studies, have run us preparing us and motivate the students to act and remove all the prejuices .

    We are 5 partner schools and our students are between 10-18. Our schools are from Spain, Italy, Greece , Bulgary and Turkey. We aim to build up a ‘team of researchers’ who can analyze and focus on the main problems related to Gender Inequality in their schools and in the Society they live:

    • Help students to investigate the reasons why few girls and female students are involved in STEM .
    • Enhance the knowledge of cultural heritage through the study of own’s traditions and approaches to different life styles in order to understand how we can solve the problem of gender inequality finding positive attitudes/aspects to spread and negative ones to avoid or fight.
    • Fight against stereotypes creating padlets, posters, video and all the webtools 2 which can be used for that purpose.
    • Meet local and political representatives in order to discuss possible solutions creating a public meeting where students can give reasons for overcoming gender Inequality.
    • Using Scratch (coding) in order to portrait these women and give them our voice.
    • Decrease the feelings that block students to communicate with people such as shame, exclusion, hopelessness.

              –    Make our students citizens of the world taking care of the problems other countries experiment related to this topic.

    • Enhance their digital competences presenting and using different webtools 2 (from Scratch to coding, Google Form, Kahoot, Qizzes, Padlets, Tricider, ) and Social media.
    • Make them aware of the risks connected with the wrong use of the net (E-Safety, Netiquette)   

             –   Motivate them about using ICT( create and design new things by using technology).

    • Let them take part in the project implementation by giving tasks, manipulate them, organise meetings regularly.

              –   Build up self confidence and entrepreneurial skills.They could decide to prepare a campaign for Gender Equality and they could create gadgets to sell and arise money to give to onlus or ONU to defend girls’ rights to be educated

Virtual Exhibition Gis-Gender Inequality in Schools